#EMWS Premise gap fill 75 resistance 9:41 62.5 is magnet 9:27 matd run to north as far as reasonable without a pb

#EMWS shorts trailers only under 62; good fortune below 2460.88 $ES_F

#EMWS 30 globex high odds target for shorts during IB $ES_F

#EMWS tunnel through time $ES_F Fed up

#EMWS longs have been advised to capture profits by 2472 and trail only above. 9:40) shorts paid for sure 67.25 to 66.5 65 remains support

#EMWS 1:18 PM paid by 68/ 67 if took profit taking contra ahead of news 1:31 PM yeeha 65/66

#EMWS RTH rain came into play $ES_F closed at soc 67.75 globex angel 62.5 intact for now and important ahead of 61.5

19 th hole lol

Thank You

@MissTrade @ObjexinMirror @RectorRe @FuturesCts @LongTplexTrader @jdextras @Ancient_Warrior @shemesht @pipsnticks @Tradn500 many thanks to all