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#EMWS 56.5 to 58.5 remains immediate resistance, 37.5 aggressive support $ES_F

#EMWS advised any longs PFS by 2458 retest using 62 to 66.5 resistance $ES_F

#EMWS 30 tunnel through time $ES_F

@shemesht @Intuitive_Power @ES_F_NQ_F @introvertwander @prishamalone16 @Tradn500 @hertcapital @MarkArbeter @TheFibDoctor @RectorRe thank you

@BEFREEinFL @fabiancapital @ATMcharts @abydnave @AnthonyCrudele @fxatpar @casper409 thanks to all for recent post #EMWS

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When 58 busted #EMWS decided it was rabid dog day and longs in control for 66.5; doubted T2 69.5. After hours resist target 72 to 73.75 hit

original premise today was longs trail above 58, shorts would need several entries, likely 62 to 66 better odds.