#EMWS predictive chart BOM bias thinking small edge to longs; r/r tough during summer doldrums

advised #EMWS gap traders be happy by 72.5 to 71.25, more is good fortune $ES_F

rode the waves on Martha’s Vineyard last few weeks, had a great time thank you

$ES_F $GC_F Prfemarket analysis and trade plan setup Aug 1 #ES_F #GC_F #EWS

Suggested payday for #EMWS trailing shorts at trendline $ES_F

#EMWS 9:49 E: 2468.13 is primary magnet $ES_F The Professional Edge

Thank you

@ES_F__NQ_F @shemesht @RectorRe @abydnave @Intuitive_Power @pipsnticks and to any I missed