Team E if held overnight 96/95 nice target  trailer zone into Power Pivot  #EMWS $ES_F

cover by 88.75 advised on trailers time and price. “do you remember?” #EMWS $ES_F #MATD

10:34 Emini Wizard i think low is in 97.75 test #EMWS $ES_F

Green box posted earlier  87.5 support intact #EMWS $ES_F “know thy enemy”

10:15 Emini Wizard done by 88.75 // buyers on trailers at 04, expecting 05 high to get busted before done #EMWS $ES_F

slingshot trades come “out of nowhere”… riiiiiight. know where invisible hand wants to protect market #EMWS $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: last year’s high is 88.75 so 85/90 zone being resolved not just for today… meaning weeks/ months position #EMWS $ES_F

11:31 Emini Wizard i think test 7.5 to 08 by end of lunch #EMWS $ES_F

squeeze pivots  T1 missing 2 tics  #EMWS $ES_F zone defense

@sewerpimp much appreciated… 🙂 #EMWS $ES_F

14:14 Emini Wizard 4.5 is magnet #EMWS $ES_F contra is all we know right now

done by 12.5 to 13.25 if long #EMWS $ES_F 15:13 E using 12.5 as late day resistance just for any spikes to run stops

@ChrisColeIAM @BEFREEinFL @kiwitrader24 @shemesht @VetlovS @arn_reabel @sewerpimp @onefourdroopy thanks all #EMWS $ES_F


Bonus : Unposted charts

EOD angels and demons  Prior 04.5 resistance became support

Pivots How good are these?

NQ  240 and daily  chart says cover and buy

EOD levels

Tunnel vision



The Invisible Hand at work…