#EMWS Will be out of the office most of the morning. inside day until proven otherwise $ES_F

@MrTopStep @AnneMarieTrades @JayHill2012 @moremtfour @BrentRShelton @RectorRe thanks to all and any I missed

@fa18hornet @K_Santander @GiantTigerCat @abydnave @asoup322 @shemesht @no_pullbacks @Guruleaks1 @clayidus @tstolar @Cubby_Blu thanks to all

#EMWS Just got back to office and looks like 55.5 to 59.5 next resistance, 42.25 support $ES_F failure to contain 42 was uh-oh shorts

#EMWS if Long paid for sure by 2348 to 2352 makes sense $ES_F

#EMWS Inside day thesis broken, targets 53.75 to 55.5 valid $ES_F risk reward ideas now Op ex last 2 days is volatility, not theta burn

Can go any day high in squeeze but #EMWS thinks tighten stops by 2358.25 to 59.5 if trailers long $ES_F reversal days are stop eaters

#EMWS lunch push often equals Late contra $ES_F not an easy game to play