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RT @TRADEnPERFORM Tues $ES_F video trade review traderperformcoaching.blogs… A no BS look at how I traded today & how I will get better tomorrow. $STUDY

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#EMWS Bulls in control above 38.75 to 42.25 $ES_F

#EMWS will use 48.75 to 52 as next resistance zone $ES_F

#EMWS OP ex so lots of games being played this week $ES_F

#EMWS thinking small hit and run trades risk 2 make 2 and more is appreciated $ES_F 43.75 to 42 if lucky short

RT @eminiwizard: #EMWS Pressure is up until 2342 gets violated $ES_F PFS if short, and better to be lucky than good

#EMWS Theta burn days chop over traders. Beige book later, relax $ES_F spread trades out over time

#EMWS half gap today is hit at 2341.5 $ES_F stops down if short

RT @eminiwizard: #EMWS 30 min RTH nearby gaps $ES_F // this clearly is the chart in play

#EMWS magnet support is 2338.5 all stops down if short $ES_F

…doing it the hard way anyways

lol. The irony is we embrace higher education and spend $$ for worthless degrees and that’s ok.

Beige Book later may extend range a bit more. Burden on shorts to contain this 3 day bounce and longs to hold 38 zone

Agree. markets can turn on a dime, a turtle soup today for agg longs if bought 47+

#EMWS Target 39.5 to 38.5 and more if this is really Taylor day 3 $ES_F

RT : #EMWS magnet support is 2338.5 all stops down if short $ES_F / mission accomplished 38.5 hit

Globex low still intact

@asoup322 thanks for sharing insights

#EMWS Overnight angel 37.75 lock profits there if short $ES_F longs may rely on 36 for support

#EMWS Taylor Day 3 Plays out 2332 Power pivot hit 456 done $ES_F

$ES_F T1 today is 2331.25 and anything sub 2336 was good fortune for #EMWS

#EMWS 2336 Breakdown being retested “find the rhythm” $ES_F