#EMWS good morning. Inside day gets resolved first gap players paid by the open. 42/45 support, 62 to 65.5 next resistance $ES_F

EMWS Looking for tests of support Hit and run $ES_F

#EMWS same as Friday 58/60.5 must be Paid if long $ES_F trailers above

RT @eminiwizard: #EMWS 52 is a big pivot stops down if short $ES_F take chips and be happy if short / still a key support for now

#EMWS Short week, Boyz have come out of the gate with a squeeze trade $ES_F

EMWS 2363.75 is T1 today, and 65.5 to 68.25 assumed next resistance $ES_F take what the market gives us

#EMWS 15 Globex $ES_F

#EMWS Beyond 52/ 51.75 is good fortune Paid for sure if short $ES_F

Fast trades up and down today have been in 53/58 range, so that zone will likely need to be balanced and becomes primary battle field $ES_F

#EMWS Short Trailers cover into T1 45.25 $ES_F I like paid by 47/46.5

#EMWS BOYZ stripped both sides of overnight range, truly nasty play $ES_F

#EMWS Predictive chart is a guide where prices may find support and resistance $ES_F

#EMWS Any Longs Paid by 58 to 61.25 $ES_F

#EMWS This is a great example of a Z pattern, catches turtles on both ends then settles back into that fast up/down zone $ES_F

#EMWS if short paid by 53.5 to 52 Nice back and fill here $ES_F

#EMWS high and low may be in for the day, trap door buyers make sure paid time and price by 2361 $ES_F

#EMWS If short Paid by Big idea 52 $ES_F nice rhythm today

#EMWS Trade Logic said this Pipe needed resolving $ES_F

Soon. waiting for 3 munchkins under 10 who are visiting to get done with their vacation. Thanks for the interest and reminder


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