Rollover risk

Step by Step Z contract

Classic Umbrella Pattern

Ending Diagonal? Nope, blew through it

5 Globex Trend down until the blue line breaks

5 Globex The Picture of Power


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#EMWS If played extension overnight Primary target is 65.25 with 61 to 62 likely next support $ES_F Rollover move

@WatermanLXXIII Notes given to Nav Special Traders “Next support target then becomes 61 to 62, and below is good fortune.” $ES_F

@WatermanLXXIII quoting z6 , 56.5 next support target $E_F

$ES_F Z contract Step by Step #EMWS

@RayJohnson777 Hi Ray I will try to find reasonable article for you, will take some time to get your mind around it

@RayJohnson777 think interest rates/ financing/ weather/ storage costs / time value of money / insurance etc. especially for commodities

@RayJohnson777 Typically about a 7 point differential seems normal for the E-mini S&P . Bingo 56.5 $ES_F

#EMWS Using 52.25 to 52.75 as next support level, so PFS by 53 with trailers $ES_F

#EMWS Classic Pattern $ES_F a license to print money “Thanks E for the help and training. $200 is a bargain!” – JL

Trailers til stopped, tighten up by 52 #EMWS 49.25 T1 , 48.25 the Bogey man 9/1 $ES_F

Welcome to the Rollover Elevator Ride $ES_F 2187.5 Big Pivot said not yet Boyz

#EMWS T1 is hit 49.25 High Odds place to cover if short $ES_F need trailers/ new entries for more

#EMWS Bingo 48 Bogey, will use 42.75 as Big Boyz support Target now $ES_F

T2 today is 41.75 and umbrella trade a winner $ES_F

#EMWS possible ending diagonal $ES_F Protect Profits (if any ) time

@ciscohitt Thanks cisco. September volatility is here, and rollover accounting for some of it I think. $ES_F

42.75 Big Boyz support target achieved $ES_F #EMWS Nav Special traders check the updates for trade logic with charts

@ciscohitt lol nice work cisco . I didn’t wake up thinking we would get plunge today #EMWS no long signal though

@ciscohitt 2135 low the next marker from 8/2 I think, Boyz may jam from 37 or so $ES_F

All stops run on the August longs $ES_F and any day low possible, 32 marker a nice place to cover/ stop down on trailers if any #EMWS

Nothing better than #EMWS moving averages as a guide in a solid trend day $ES_F

Wt2 33.75 has been hit fibo at 30.25 hit #EMWS you want more need re-entries or trailers. Avoid trouble now advised. Using 42 as resistance

7/11 $ES_F open gap (Z) is 23.5 and presumed support for now #EMWS

“Longs have become too complacent” was recently posted by a few traders old enough to have battle scars $ES_F next fibo at 25.75 #EMWS

RT @ HamzeiAnalytics: Bloomberg – Bonds Tumble With Stocks, Dollar Rallies as Complacency Broken // GOT PMT Pro?

@TraderGoalieOne learning how to manage the emotions under stress I think is the key for active traders $ES_F

RT @ RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire / Thank you Renato, back at all of you #FF much appreciated

RT @ SE1_Trading: FF @HamzeiAnalytics @FuturesTrader71 @eminiwizard @shenno #futures #trading $$ Thank you Malte and back at all of you #FF

In a day like today, need profits from the short side willing to risk for a profit taking bounce $ES_F risk small if playing now #EMWS

cant get back and hold above the 35 break and longs still trying to use get out of jail card $ES_F

Aug 31 Lots of complacent longs makes me think we get some volatility in September $ES_F -E / didnt take long for rollover to test support

Manage trailers into the close, Possible gap fill 23.5 NRO (Not ruled out) #EMWS $ES_F time for a swim in a few minutes

RT @e …. $ES_F next fibo at 25.75 #EMWS Bingo … stops down near the 23.5 gap 2119.5 support until broken

“The bull climbs the stairs and the Bear jumps out the window” – Old wall st maxim #EMWS Have a great weekend all $ES_F say Yeehaa 23.5

@TeaLeafInvest Thank u, we churned a long time at the highs, 2187.5 Big Pivot clearly in control for now. $ES_F

Posted to Nav special #EMWS longs will be wrong 5 x before right 1x in day like today $ES_F

time for a swim, nice weekend to all