RT @eminiwizard: 14:24 E squeeze into close … 14:42 E targets 72.25 $ES_F target achieved. It was destined. #EMWS

I want to be just like the Boyz when I grow up ow.ly/RYo7K they make it look easy #EMWS $ES_F

RT @TheFibDoctor: Update: Trading Group open to the public all day today, 9/9/2015: Log in info: stks.co/s2oj2

8:17 E Truth: “I can see the math of this move overnight, but I certainly didnt expect this move” lets review it $ES_F #EMWS

8:05 Emini Wizard i guess charlie was smarter than me if he bought with both hands yesterday $ES_F

RT @krazytoo: $ES_F Reminder of next target coming up on inverted H&S posted Aug 26 $SPY $STUDY #EMWS #ES_F #FT71

@TraderGoalieOne free money ? hmmmm $ES_F

@canuk1 yes likely TD3. plan today short and hope some back and fill. Primary target past 72 was retesting 1970 prior low; 68.75 to 65.5

8:01 Emini Wizard stage two rocket thruster overnight into a dtop 92/92.75 $ES_F presumed first support is 1973 #EMWS busted

@sewerpimp 90+ points off fridays low said today not a good idea to be rah rah print free money. crowd always a day late and $ short $ES_F

12:18 E: magnet is 73.75 $ES_F that magnet zone is aggressive resistance for retesting angel/ db

@canuk1 biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingo at 53.5 rain liine and twm #EMWS 73.75 magnet still resistance

@canuk1 we just talked about that. Trailers win. so much for printing “free money” long side. scaleouts expected tod in 55/50 range $ES_F

14:32 Emini Wizard t1 50 #EMWS $ES_F

15:21 Emini Wizard 42 needs retesting $ES_F

yest 44 low the key… assuming u had good day may want to take some chips off table? $ES_F

🙂 say yeehaa at 42 $ES_F

@canuk1 kudos for acknowledging and working on runner wtg Tom #EMWS $ES_F

15:46 Emini Wizard t2 is 36 $ES_F

sorry charlie. u bought into the everything ok idea? brooklyn bridge and all ? $ES_F

welcome to the NFL ow.ly/S0nbL “be neither a bull nor a bear but a seeker of the truth” – A. Elder $ES_F ow.ly/S0ofK

@Optionsgrinder thanks grinder, much appreciated $ES_F

rollover. ugh. we wondered if that had anything to do with another mystery move today. $ES_F ow.ly/S0Coc step by step

time to lighten up… sing along with Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge ow.ly/S0G4B $ES_F “the worst that could happen”

@Optionsgrinder @canuk1 @sewerpimp @TheFibDoctor @IamDemiGrace @midget_666 @LongTplexTrader @SusanCTShore @BEFREEinFL @GUMBY9662C thanks all