TD 3 month end $ES_F

usually need at least 1 day before a mirror day $ES_F easier to start it overnight, less volume needed

follow the rules $ES_F

09:31 E the longs will likely win the first swing for retesting / taking out high 08:13 E 04 is the 60 back $ES_F

09:31 E allow for the first swing to be 02 to 05 $ES_F

08:44 Emini Wizard the xx step ends at 06.75 so using that as resistance target $ES_F

@canuk1 now tick balance. one extreme to another, just the way they skate up and down the ice $ES_F

volume light, stolen range overnight, we reduce expectations for both sides. eom and eoq markup by invisible hand $ES_F

@sewerpimp we view this as monthlies taking profits. yest loading zone we thought 62/72 for long side. hard to be cheerleader now $ES_F

09:30 E i will look to sell bounces $ES_F 11:50 E smart market will knock out ib low try to get to 92 11:53 E 89.25 middle globex

11:37 E shorts viable as scalps since someone wants to capture profits ahead of the news 12:17 E paid by 90 what is yest high? 89.75 retest

8:09 E and 1887.5 is the key support to keep squeeze on 9:19 E 1907.5 is 60 extension 11:55 E 85.5 is half gap $ES_F

10:42 E target 6.75 achieved gravy above 13:18 E 86.75 we said is bottom of xxx pipe 13:56 E paid by 02 ahead of news

13:33 E shorts do not get careless this afternoon 13:37 E we said after ib/ into lunch could get best time for pb. done $ES_F

11:32 Emini Wizard lunch maybe one more attempt at 07 $ES_F

14:48 Emini Wizard dtop gets tested by eod marginal 08 target $ES_F

08:58 Zeek 85.25 is my major support for today #EMWS $ES_F advised day trade longs cover all by 8 to 11

10:42 E this is kings and queens with day in between $ES_F 15:12 RJ thx for an awesome day! #EMWS

@MrTopStep maybe also a function of +50 from yesterday low for eom squeeze? $ES_F #EMWS

@sewerpimp @ProfileTrades @ROC176 @pipsnticks @5280_Trader @ciscohitt @splitnines @onefourdroopy @ffrias2 @abdulalikon thanks to all #EMWS