@canuk1 @sewerpimp @todayschallenge @onefourdroopy @JohnConaway @SE1_Trading thanks all much appreciated $ES_F

@shemesht @treysdubya @TraderMD @DaveFamMan @LongTplexTrader ditto thanks all #EMWS

RT @UnusualFactPage: Life is too short to waste one single second with someone who doesn’t appreciate and value you. / Power thought indeed

@Jediphone Another Power thought. Time for bed, and thanks Jedi. $ES_F

Speed demons need retests, create bear flags ow.ly/RJAE7 $ES_F

08:07 E key lifter 43 for 68/ 72 test #EMWS 08:34 E cover at 68 $ES_F 69.25 gap

@canuk1 soc 54.5 and cover into 54/52 advised $ES_F

@canuk1 good eye Tom ow.ly/RK3dq #EMWS $ES_F

8:07 E suggests 52 mid 10:06 E 52 agg support intact 10:38 E 72/75 as resistance zone 10:53 E paid by 72 $ES_F

10:46 E be careful being turtle i think they just trying to squeeze into low 70’s before profit taking $ES_F

11:36 E hope for best with trailer short for 62.5 and better $ES_F 11:52 E 60/62 paid

456 trade under way for possible 59 test $ES_F

well well well 56.5 angel and paid into 55/56.5 $ES_F key was keeping 68.75 IB high intact

“ooooooops” lol sorry longs, 72/75 was nice resistance #EMWS gap fill? paid ahead of it with trailers this is retest yest high

13:18 E 45.25 last support yest ow.ly/RLe9z retest breakout 44/47 from yest a winner ow.ly/RLeiE Rain line $ES_F

11:10 E we hit top of ladder 72.5 #EMWS risk and reward as always $ES_F 11:19 Zeek return to the scene of the crime later at 39 area

I thought zeek had sunstroke 11:22 E i come down to greenwich and shake your hand if it does $ES_F 13:18 E 62 agg resist

15:25 Emini Wizard 42 ? $ES_F bingo

11:16 Zeek this could be the wrecking ball trade $ES_F note the neckline below for that 42 target 🙂

15:51 E 47.5 close $ES_F 15:57 E short 54 stop 58 15:59 E 47.25 targ #EMWS

feel the rhythm… think like a bot. Kaiser soze today $ES_F roller coaster heaven

Boyz were jammin and slammin today ow.ly/RLwrv $ES_F MATD ended early 10:38 E 72/75 as resistance zone risk and reward

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