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#EMWS traders note the 56/59 test zone identified 7:22 this morning in the notes. PFS by 58 retest $ES_F

Pre market is time for accumulating seed capital, like taking batting practice #EMWS Primary magnet is 58 right now $ES_F

#EMWS Pattern recognition with levels ow.ly/uASn304GqAA $ES_F 30 Globex

#EMWS Gappers paid at Half gap $ES_F hit and run, trail ok

$ES_F 65.25 to demon 66.25 safest targets if long #EMWS PFS

#EMWS Safest target if flipper is 60 Angel to 58.75 $ES_F

@HamzeiAnalytics back and fill is a good thing, kudos nice target $ES_F

Premarket #EMWS already identified the 56 zone as needing to be retested $ES_F ow.ly/myhg304GOwj PFS by 55 to 56 if short

yesterday’s middle 54.75 to 52 the #EMWS aggressive support zone $ES_F

#EMWS take a break… market seems neutral, don’t overtrade $ES_F Had good fortune this morning? keep it ow.ly/3io1304GT1M

#EMWS say yeeha if short and get to 52 test $ES_F

#EMWS 52.75 is T1 and T2 is 2148 today all stops down if in this $ES_F

Bingo trail only below 50 $ES_F

#EMWS 42 to 44 next support low target, and thats an oops $ES_F

#EMWS The Pipe was smoked ow.ly/BpY4304H4IN $ES_F

#EMWS using stops at 2138 if trying buy side for bounce $ES_F

#EMWS When it starts moving fast shoot first ask questions later ow.ly/wdT8304H7F6 $ES_F expected some back and fill but not this

Nasty game today: The Boys shook out BOTH ends of yesterday’s bar #EMWS Running up and down the ladder $ES_F

@WatermanLXXIII thanks for input Staying flexible in thinking #EMWS trying to catch pieces as it whipsaws ow.ly/YafU304Hc8j $ES_F

Big ticks -1559 mirror + 1400 yesterday $ES_F any re-entries paid by 42/41.5 trail ok

As posted to #EMWS stops down PFS by 38 to 37.5 $ES_F want more, need trailers or re-entry

S2 today is 2137.25 $ES_F crazy day #EMWS

RT @AnthonyCrudele: #ES_F 🙂 #FF A master craftsman, nice call Deli
Anthony Crudele @AnthonyCrudele
#ES_F blood is in the water…seeing no reason for ES not to test 2137 today

If long PFS first swing by 48.5 to 52 #EMWS

#EMWS I think low is in, any re entries short side think small $ES_F

#EMWS What a day $ES_F daytrader gunslingers I salute you $ES_F lock it

@ciscohitt thanks cisco . shorts turn to get punched out , be careful next hour $ES_F

#EMWS Trailers can tag 56 before EOD if the Boyz are on their game $ES_F

#EMWS SIde line if stopped out on long trailers/ covered $ES_F using 58 resistance for short side

#EMWS If you are rain line short, PFS into 2148/ 2146 $ES_F

#EMWS 5 Rain line said not yet longs $ES_F ow.ly/wtDr304HkW8 since we went from hi to low, can try hitting short on the contra

RT @TheFibDoctor: Free Open House for October will be 4th & 5th | Bottom Line Trades fb.me/7QtvgHr7K / Dr is great system trader #FF

#EMWS Best risk and reward trades for today long and short are likely done $ES_F Protect profits and let arm chair analysts duke it out

Cover trailers by 2142 to 2141 if short #EMWS $ES_F

#EMWS Timing model says no new entries, if day trade short, trailers out by 42 or next 2 minutes $ES_F

Done for day and time for a swim $ES_F “feel the pulse of the market” #EMWS

Sell program today kicked a few complacent longs in the teeth #EMWS ow.ly/oXc2304HFKx $ES_F think clearly from sidelines then act