if you are worrying about tomorrow’s trade, you probably missed today’s matd chase trade $ES_F

08:05 E two way day presumed 09:45 E lock it 10:19 E 88/92 agg resistance zone 11:20 E 72 to 75 is target zone $ES_F

08:02 Emini Wizard 68.75 support for now $ES_F keying off yesterday’s low as testing zone for shorts #EMWS #kiss 63.5 is day’s angel

12:22 Emini Wizard since 63.5 angel never tested $ES_F plan is test 65 to 62 with 82 resistance

🙂 14:59 Emini Wizard now the good fortune part break the 68/65 for 63/62.5 $ES_F paid for sure

11:45 Emini Wizard 64.25 gap open still rth $ES_F closed. sequence traders have more fun #EMWS

09:00 E boyz will jam shorts at least once today 10:03] E two way day is right 12:10 E 62.5 important support $ES_F

15:54 Emini Wizard 78 resist $ES_F icing on the cake trade

trade logic is important, but I believe anticipating the sequence where risk reward changes and profit taking begins is as important $ES_F

RT @AnthonyCrudele: $ES_F $ZN_F Struggled today,but stuck to my plan,which is a winner in my book.I explain in video> stks.co/a2bjC

@verniman I was thinking of you at lunch. I remembered your idea that overnight lows need testing RTH. Great pro tip

@B3t8 @canuk1 @TraderMD @rodolfo_rosario @ssabbineni @bretdavid @JohnTnGa @JohnConaway @ROC176 thanks all much appreciated #EMWS

@Hayls789 @shemesht @TressaLesinski @MarnaKlukas @asVitale @sewerpimp @RuthChin thanks to all and any I missed #EMWS


Five minute chart

Ten minute globex chart in play