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@gb00splusx salmon were just tired, but continued upstream overnight #EMWS 42 support intact for now ow.ly/7trb304DVKj $ES_F

#EMWS Nibble short and don’t overstay in risk 2 make two type open $ES_F

#EMWS Half gap is 54.5 and collect some booty if got it short side $ES_F

Keep it simple. Let the rocket scientists ponder Hill and The Donald while we take something out of the market every day $ES_F

#EMWS Pay day for sure if short into 53 gap /52 and overnight Angel support is 2148.25 , magnet support 2149.5 $ES_F

#EMWS Bingo at 49.5 magnet and more is good fortune $ES_F educated guesses and a bit of luck helpful

#EMWS Navigator Special traders reread morning post for Trade Logic for this expected battle zone $ES_F

Yesterday’s middle 43.5, PFS 42/44 if short $ES_F

Nibble short worked well this morning, lock profits #EMWS if played that way ow.ly/puaE304Er2v $ES_F in the pipe

@gb00splusx well done

RT @TraderSmarts: Wed Sep 28 $ES_F TS TradePlan E-mini S&P-500 clients had the trade plan Tuesday night $SPY $SPX

NS Traders, the #EMWS target 2153 achieved as posted in the notes, now manage $ES_F #kiss

Trailers past yesterday’s high 2156, follow the plan #EMWS Shake and Bake $ES_F

#EMWS T1 Resistance target today is 2161.75, trailers only on steroids for that by EOD consider risk reward and timing now $ES_F

#EMWS All stops up if long at 2161.75 achieved, protect profits $ES_F Find the rhythm and logical trade sequences 48 aggressive support now

#EMWS T2 today is 2165.75 day traders make sure paid on add ons or trailers by 2165 $ES_F

When 58 breakout won’t let shorts back through the gate, its’s usually not worth shorting late #EMWS T2 2165.75 substantially achieved $ES_F

RT @JonathanGunson: Come on up #Motivation #EMWS Help someone else and help yourself