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@DowdEdward Thank you, and 2134 being protected for now ow.ly/VhLO304BsLb $ES_F

First retest in bungee rejected overnight ow.ly/p76Q304BCvP #EMWS is using 48 aggressive resistance premarket $ES_F

#EMWS Stops down at the gap close, stay aware of yesterday’s low PFS by 38/39 if short $ES_F Consider this trade the MATD re entry

#EMWS overnight angel is 35.5 time and price say more is good fortune if short $ES_F get paid

#EMWS db buyers Paid by 38.25 to gap, trail above $ES_F nice risk and reward trade

#EMWS continue using 32 to 28 as support zone, two way swings as expected during IB $ES_F nice slingshot

If long cover by 43.5, more is gravy first swing #EMWS

sling shot traders with trailers anything above 46 is gold #EMWS manage $ES_F

$ES_F risk and reward came in big time, just needed to catch a few Charlies #EMWS aggressive support now at 36.75

48 premarket resistance tested. Premise: yesterday’s middle 48.25 #EMWS hit and run advised, low may be in $ES_F

#EMWS follow the plan. If shorted PFS by 2136.75 aggressive support $ES_F keep emotions out of this

still thinking low is in for day #EMWS market trying to stabilize, 48 to 52 zone is key for shorts to defend today $ES_F

#EMWS day trading is about catching pieces of the moves as we swing, keeping risk and reward balanced $ES_F long term bias is meaningless

willing to miss shorts for now, not enough of an edge despite #EMWS rain line hit ow.ly/C9mk304Cakv short stops get run I think $ES_F

@ciscohitt thanks Cisco, just felt like it was shake and bake with higher high higher lows, slingshot style to catch late shorts $ES_F

36.75 stop now moved up to 42 as aggressive squeeze pivot $ES_F

@gb00splusx lol. Two way day #EMWS edge to bulls for testing 55 to 58 resistance zone $ES_F

Advised #EMWS to keep profits. Can manage trailer longs for 55+, but don’t be stubborn and give back 5 to make 2. $ES_F move stops up