120 Globex view

Seeking Support

60 Globex Channel

Horse shoes

30 Globex Educated Guessing

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Who inspires you to be your best ? ow.ly/xDB3304wAnZ #EMWS ow.ly/YQ6G304wABm $ES_F

FOMC Retest on schedule ow.ly/w7yo304yTD4 #EMWS 42 aggressive support target $ES_F

@WatermanLXXIII I was thinking of you when I did our #EMWS notes last night ow.ly/D5W5304yXX2 $ES_F young man’s game overnight

@WatermanLXXIII step by step, gotta beat 42 first, then scene of the crime, and 32/35. $ES_F Boyz rarely go down without a fight

He was a fierce competitor, a gentleman, and one of the greatest ambassadors ever for the game of golf. I was in his army; RIP Arnie

#EMWS Angel test is 2147 $ES_F washing out a few longs before the shorts get caught

#EMWS Below 42 can get dicey, still thinking small for 42 test stops down $ES_F

#EMWS Primary target hit at 2141.5 $ES_F take it and run if short, trailers onl

@gb00splusx thank you! focusing on the OTF players helps day traders $ES_F should be two way trading trying to stabilize #EMWS

@gb00splusx thank you #EMWS wont over trade this range $ES_F Hit a few bounces and thinking small

Find your favorite Bull & when he’s crowing about no pullbacks sell it short ow.ly/FQv5304zFQY #EMWS same goes for Bears $ES_F

@BamaTrader unfortunately, so has been Mile’s misfortunes 🙁 timing is everything $ES_F love your 46 idea

#EMWS if in this stop run attempt short make sure paid by 2138 $ES_F trailers below 42

#EMWS Notes said any low can be tested, but likely PFS by 38 today, luck below for the 35/31.25 test $ES_F Dont squander profits. Trail ok

2136 was the FOMC scene of the crime #EMWS leave a few chips on the table is ok $ES_F dont give back 5 or 6 to make 2

Horse shoes anyone? #EMWS 60 Globex ow.ly/yY3D304zZCY $ES_F

Last short to leave Dodge loses. Hitting bounces has worked well today #EMWS Must have profits willing to risk to try buy side contra $ES_F

I was wrong thinking today would be a two way day. One nice bounce early, then it was shorts in control rest of day #EMWS check cell S 50