Team E if u played it set up tee time and have fun #EMWS $ES_F

Step by step 06 not yet, but nearer $ES_F

NQ #EMWS 15 min chart there too

sequence traders have more fun $ES_F

a day behind schedule $ES_F profit taking ahead of news 16.75 magnet for retests

08:33 Emini Wizard 06 to 3.5 are targets today $ES_F

08:17 Emini Wizard wt2 = 1897 #EMWS advised shorts cover PFS into 98.5 to 97 $ES_F trailers sub 1900

08:44 Emini Wizard 3.5 and 97 show up #EMWS $ES_F high odds exit target

10:23 E: slingshot trades may still work #EMWS $ES_F

12:58 E: low may be in 13:03: E u got 05/04 be happy trail only under the 6.75/05 13:52 E either way the IB high may get challenged this aft

14:11 E boyz usually find some stupid bounce kick us out of trailers 14:23: pt half gap you said was 21.25? 14:23 E 21.25 yes stop run

14:52 E stop 28/29.5 for scalping 25 rain line is hit $ES_F

love the longs game face. another lower low lower high 28 stop intact for the eod $ taking slingshot trade plays out

@BamaTrader the only thing they know how to do is interfere with free markets. kicking the can down the road gets us all kicked in the can.

@ROC176 @pipsnticks @ffrias2 @shemesht @femmnappyx @sewerpimp thanks all #EMWS