10 Minute Globex Chart


A Nation of Sheep

Maggie May

Trade Logic

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#EMWS is using 2162 as aggressive support for half gap 2166.5 Think small hit and run $ES_F likely two way day

Risk 2 to make two odds right now #EMWS think small $ES_F

#EMWS PFS by 2162.25 if shorted $ES_F reread the morning notes for the trade logic

#EMWS current magnet is 2162.5 and looking for small profit taking pullback, not a plunge. Sub 61 is good fortune $ES_F

#EMWS 10 minute Globex chart ow.ly/vUVr304uYCo $ES_F It usually takes time to slow down a car and put it in reverse. Back and fill

Armstrong on Stagflation ow.ly/9Mmg304v6YF Pick pockets ow.ly/VS0G304v7i2 Snowden ow.ly/xgnK304v81O

” A Nation of Sheep” ow.ly/5hcx304v8UK still relevant after all these years #EMWS keep an open mind and be flexible in thinking

@LongTplexTrader Thanks T Rex, only us dinosaurs remember it ๐Ÿ™‚

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#EMWS 60.25 is T1 today and T2 a measly 57 (retest) Paid for sure by 61 if endured this slugfest $ES_F still time for a two way day

RT @e Chasers today be nimble ow.ly/pDKH304sj5E Using 68 to 72 as resistance… days low support for now $ES_F / resistance intact

Give the Boyz a mile and they give back an inch ow.ly/gJ1R304vn07 15 Globex $ES_F Differential bias gave small edge to shorts today

@WatermanLXXIII thank you. Possible but doubtful #EMWS psychology: Shorts will want profits by EOD Gotta get by 55 first #EMWS

@WatermanLXXIII ๐Ÿ™‚ Agreed #EMWS felt good fortune today would be unwind a few longs and get the 56 previous high retest $ES_F

@ES_F_Trader Thank u. Big Boyz squaring this afternoon. We felt odds would shift this afternoon if smart longs captured profits early today

T2 57 is hit #EMWS make sure Paid if short $ES_F

Yesterday’s chasers in a bit of a dilemma #EMWS ow.ly/1Kgo304vrJZ $ES_F It’s ok to be sidelined. Protect profits if any

RT @AnthonyCrudele: Day 3…Truth day. Watch for markets that are continuing their trends from Fed Day & those that are reverting back #FF

@EminiScalperPro Nice to see they are accommodating you

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@casper409 thank you Paolo, back at your and this group of talented traders #FF Nice weekend to all

Current Angel is 58 Globex Demon is 68.5 #EMWS Truth is usually in between in range type day $ES_F make this about profits not ego

@BidnAsk lol. When the feeding frenzy is on is the time to scale out, then late Louie wants in, give it to him $ES_F

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Any re-entries using 62.5 resistance take what you can, tough trade dynamics here now #EMWS 55 aggressive support for profit taking $ES_F

RT @e #EMWS current magnet is 2162.5 and looking for small profit taking pullback, not a plunge. Sub 61 is good fortune $ES_F /Maggie ๐Ÿ™‚

Maggie May ow.ly/fRJk304vESs Hot Rod Stewart … Day traders watching time #EMWS no new entries now. manage up to u if short $ES_F

#EMWS Trade logic for today ow.ly/vlNH304vJgl Those who suggest “just buy dips” have a blindspot $ES_F 9/9 is a good example