lol all i can say…kudos zeek. gap closed. Still today, so it counts. #EMWS 11:24 E 17 is my target 08:30 Zeek 1912.75 gap to fill $ES_F

11:28 Zeek don’t be fooled by slow pace we are slowly moving down until we start hitting stops, then we could have a flash move down 20 pts

Flyer into fomc then the falling safe be responsible for our choices $ES_F

beach balls underwater and illusions of wealth $ES_F yesterday’s 38.75 resistance tagged. no stop goes untouched

RIP #8 truly one of a kind who has taken the fork in the road.

….buy Yom Kippur… and 100 point selloffs $ES_F

@sewerpimp rofl good one we’ll be dizzy b4 day over $ES_F yesterdays 18 low important support

08:08 Emini Wizard 28 agg support 9:05 E profit taking time though right now 9:07 E paid by 28 do it 🙂

9:46 E 25 /26 is key today 10:52 E paid by 39.75 $ES_F 11:23 E target 22 poss #EMWS yeehaa day

17.75 yest low is a key today $ES_F

yesterdays angel 21 so our shorts advised paid for sure into 22/21 #EMWS “wild day expected, chips will be left on table”

12:53 Emini Wizard 29.75 magnet $ES_F 13:10 E: if bought lunch low paid into 28/29.75 #EMWS 8:06 E yest 18 low support til broken

@spz_trader nq and es also very orderly and algo driven $ES_F

13:28 Emini Wizard 22.5 angel get paid if shorted $ES_F

risk and reward makes today harder to play… we expected high confusion today in two way day $ES_F

problem is are u willing to give up 6 or 8 to make two more… so we advised hit and run $ES_F

12:04 E 32 agg resist 12:05 E yest angel is 21 12:06 E market may have memory 12:06 E i think biggie is the 17.75 $ES_F paid into 32 if long

14:05 Emini Wizard so think pfs by 35 demon at 35.5 $ES_F

08:04 Emini Wizard low is in i think for day 8:05 Emini Wizard probably not the high yet $ES_F deep pb so harder to believe nhoc. range it

@MarkKhan7 paid for sure; dont even think twice about capturing $, if trailer up to u to manage. area i see as risk reward may change

@MarkKhan7 at 29 earlier in lunch gave back 7 to get back to 32 target 3 pts up or 7 down

@MarkKhan7 u bet hope it helps

say yeeha 27.5 to 25 if hit it 🙂 08:04 Emini Wizard crazy market $ES_F

@MarkKhan7 @masayang @JohnConaway @PeteRuso @sewerpimp @just4girls1 @pipsnticks @SusanCTShore @treysdubya @shemesht @PatrickGrattan thank u