@sewerpimp lol pick a color $ES_F ow.ly/SuVdN

corrective markets have sharp rallies that need to be sold ow.ly/SvVxd $ES_F ow.ly/SvVHh #EMWS ow.ly/SvVQC

using 38.75 as agg resist in 35.25 retest zone $ES_F

32.25 angel test $ES_F

08:40 Emini Wizard 26.25 paid for sure $ES_F

@MrTopStep 09:33 Emini Wizard 22 support trying to get to 32/35 #EMWS $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: The real moves are happening overnight defining most of the range, leaving charlie salivating at the crumbs $ES_F #EMWS

ever notice how human nature loves the shorts at lows and longs at the highs? $ES_F

10:36 Emini Wizard for potential 22 test $ES_F // trailers

@LongTplexTrader good one 🙂

08:51 Emini Wizard 17 test possible today $ES_F risk & reward coming in near that 19.25 low

11:13 E resistance 32 $ES_F11:47 E market ahead of itself 11:56 E approaching time rhythm sell sell buy and height of bounce tells us a lot

11:24 Emini Wizard 17 is my target by end of lunch $ES_F #EMWS

14:57 E xxx 17.97 stronger support there as a buy 15:04 E shorts advised contra may come anytime now to the all day move $ES_F

14:45 E slingshot trades are born from oversold conditions. when a bounce starts profits get eroded ppt gooses it a bit and we get a flyer

plan was think small, two way day likely. stolen range because large overnight move ow.ly/SxxNy #EMWS $ES_F

@hshah72 @onefourdroopy @clayidus @sewerpimp @pipsnticks @JohnConaway @PatrickGrattan @splitnines @shemesht thanks all, much appreciated

@LongTplexTrader @BamaTrader @DaveFamMan @ROC176 @ffrias2 @Jediphone @SpiderTrades @BPGAG @SlipstreamTrade @MrTopStep ditto, thank u