Home on the range

The are the days of our Lives

Tunnel through Time

The Open

We will rock you

Spike One to test the high

Screamer Breakout, Look to OTF charts

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Home, home on the range , where the deer and the antelope play ow.ly/Wgi9304pXQj and seldom is heard, a discouraging word… $ES_F

@WatermanLXXIII range bound, and #EMWS traders should get paid in middles if conservative, then look for more $ES_F we had 28/25 support

If you have a ticket to ride the south side #EMWS Paid for sure by 36.25 $ES_F

RT: @e “44.75 resistance 4 now yesterday’s demon $ES_F 28 support until broken” #EMWS stay with the plan, stops down on trailers / intact

Home on the range ow.ly/lO3a304q4FS sing along with gene & queen while we wait… #EMWS These are the days ow.ly/PotZ304q6tb

Half gap is 35.25 near directional bias marker 2134 and presumed support ahead of news until broken $ES_F #EMWS be conservative today

#EMWS Longs cover all but trailers by 44.75 $ES_F stops up

RT @TraderSmarts: Lastly if you do anything today – read and practice these 7 rules I wish someone made me follow tradersmarts.net

Trap and squeeze on FOMC ow.ly/6y1p304qn9O #EMWS save some powder $ES_F

2134 marker is tested & see you at 2 pm #EMWS If short with trailer, now in good fortune territory PFS longs stops may be 32 avoid trouble

RT @e : Major news coming out tomorrow #EMWS advised inside day as our theme for today. 2134 is last year’s high for directional bias $ES_F

We will rock you ow.ly/KcaK304qQgU #EMWS flat for news and then react to the mercurial moves $ES_F

SOC 2136 #EMWS catch pieces 32 support intact and needs to go for shorts to undermine this push $ES_F

SOC 2136 #EMWS PFS if took the contra ow.ly/jFtw304qVyt $ES_F

Trailers only below 2136 , Boyz will skin those who don’t respect them $ES_F sideline if confused #EMWS 33.25 low after news is a player

Keep profits if any and risk small if playing now #EMWS 40.25 demon to 42 aggressive resistance the key $ES_F

#EMWS Fed up traders paid into 45.75 for sure $ES_F trailers only into the red zone

posted 1:50 for #EMWS NS traders …48 will likely be the first model, … and 52 the outlier targets $ES_F enjoy your good fortune if any

#EMWS T1 today is 52.75, using that as the resistance target $ES_F

Longs on your own above 52.75 $ES_F time for #EMWS to leave the party and dont worry about chips left on the table

@WatermanLXXIII yes it is. we will need to retrace some of this within a day or so, until then #EMWS 42 pivot now support $ES_F

“First pullbacks are almost always buyable”… #EMWS forget shorting if they take out the first reaction high on second thrust $ES_F

T1 long is 52.75… I expect these ranges to hold If not T2 is 2161.75 $ES_F 2135 model I am using for Big Boyz ideas (above is long bias)