Tunnel Through time

60 Globex

10 minute globex


@NightOwlMobile @jsfalvo @ES_F_Trader @traderoffortune @AllWorldGazette @WatermanLXXIII thanks to all, very much appreciated

#EMWS Tunnel through time ow.ly/aTXB304nAD0 $ES_F playing inside day first, 28 support intact for now

@WSJ Reminds me of late 80’s when Real Estate Investors were told by banks “It feels slow but we’re just slowing down from 70 to 55 mph”

Half gap target is 37.25 and more is good fortune $ES_F hit and run required against the machine #EMWS 44.5 yesterday’s demon resist 4 now

#EMWS PFS by 37.25 half gap and Magnet at 35.75 if short $ES_F nice regression trade

Major news coming out tomorrow #EMWS advised “inside day” as our theme for today. 2134 is last year’s high for directional bias $ES_F

RT @e “44.75 resistance 4 now yesterday’s demon $ES_F 28 support until broken” #EMWS stay with the plan, stops down on trailers

60 Globex chart ow.ly/hy1x304owrT $ES_F #EMWS NS Traders look for two videos in today’s post, available on demand at your convenience

Inside day plays out $ES_F the name of today’s post premarket? Ping Pong #EMWS Day traders out trailers by 31 to 29

Sanitized version of $ES_F chart we discussed today ow.ly/Semd304p0sR your choice: follow a guru or learn how to do this yourself

@jsfalvo Hope all is well and back at u big guy