Pattern Monitoring

Squeeze Pivot

Trump Card

Blind Spots Roy H Williams

Mother Tigers commitment

5 Globex

15 RTH

Slip Slidin’ Away

Ebb and Flow of the Crimson Tide 3rd quarter changed the momo


@BamaTrader @Jediphone @PatrickGrattan @Real_EdLam @onefourdroopy @investasy @pipsnticks @BrynneandRic @StevenTaggart thanks to all much appreciated


@DowdEdward hard to say but I doubt it. Triangle could easily become rectangle. Staying under 48 to 55 would be better odds for new lows

38 gap was easily closed overnight $ES_F trapped shorts turn to pay up #EMWS pattern becoming more rectangular

@ES_F__NQ_F Hope all is well Fox.

@BrynneandRic teamwork is an amazing thing but no better than the weakest link. thank u

scalpers with a free pass selling Trump cards for $399 #EMWS Hows that for arbitrage?

Shorts are paying up #EMWS using 48.75 to 51 as next resistance $ES_F

You’re probably an imposter Rise above it with commitment #EMWS

Big Boyz backed train up #EMWS 15 min RTH settle 2132.5 RTH Friday closed near 32 $ES_F Gap traders on trailers

#EMWS NS Traders review this morning’s private post regarding “The Pipe” to see the dynamics for this pullback $ES_F

Easy come easy go $ES_F nice washout, trailers only for the 28 support test #EMWS

Slip slidin’ away … #EMWS Risk and Reward may be the least understood facet of our business $ES_F

If long #EMWS Primary Magnet is 35.75 so PFS by 35/37 $ES_F

low and hi for the day are probably in #EMWS Keep profits if any $ES_F Think like an Algo trailers long (if any) paid into 39

RT @e : 28.5 needs to contain bounces or probably still more neutral $ES_F Position squaring this afternoon #EMWS protect profits if any

#EMWS That was posted late Friday, I saw today’s lunch low as a retest of that pivot $ES_F

@BamaTrader Traders having a field day $ES_F

Posted hours ago to #EMWS “We are bracketing 2134.25, Last Year’s High” $ES_F we need common sense as traders not degrees in quantum physics

@BamaTrader Maybe doji type day #EMWS Lock profits into 32/31 if short and head for the pool $ES_F see you there 🙂