The Pipe $ES_F keep it simple

@pipsnticks back at you 🙂 “never make it about any one day”

8:03 E magnet is 82 8:59 E 2 way day ahead of news and dont get caught thinking big move either side ahead of news #EMWS $ES_F

8:03 E this has been Fed up as predicted 9:32 E half gap is typical trade we like $ES_F 9:30 E 85.25 half gap 9:42 E db get a slice by 80.25

11:21 E stop zone ahead of news for shorts is 92/94 $ES_F 11:21 E 91.5 is t1 95.25 t2 #EMWS advising traders stops up into news if long

14:00:01 Emini Wizard target 98/02 14:00:16 Emini Wizard 05 stop for shorts 14:04:59 Emini Wizard out by 75 any short $ES_F

14:06 E 76.5 t1 $ES_F 14:12 E 75.88 yest mid support #EMWS objective, actionable ideas. not hype or BS 14:12 E using 98/05 stop zone

14:20 E see if can get the 88/89 #EMWS $ES_F news trading not for everyone

13:07 E 75 support until broken 14:02 E first pb buyable 14:26 E the boyz want to jam all shorts before allowing retrace $ES_F

break of 2000 measured move at wt1 5.75 was upside target, gravy beyond 14:44 E stop is guessing 12 to 15 ahead of 17 gap $ES_F

15:15 Emini Wizard done by 89/88 $ES_F if short, lock at yest high retest

are we having fun yet ? $ES_F

witch hunt for stops was +1600 tics now trapped longs who didnt cover uh-oh 82 target available $ES_F

15:20 Emini Wizard 75/72 support for now low could get kicked out done 76
15:23 E rain $ES_F #EMWS

scene of the crime is 91 so stay aware of it $ES_F plan was get a piece of the swings if trade working, let runner go. accept stop try again

FOMC: run into the news, distribute, tank. $ES_F 15:20 E 75/72 support for now #EMWS target 72 hit 16:01 Zeek watch for break of 74 by 4:15

if you had the courage to accept stop run and try again, congrats $ES_F news trading not for everyone

Red Zone short for Big Boyz. Want to be like them? $ES_F rain, as in rainmaker. $ES_F