15 RTH Island

60 Globex Possible Descending Triangle

Resolving the overnight Angel and Demon Box

I love a Rainy night



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@BamaTrader @HamzeiAnalytics @AnthonyCrudele c’mon down Bama and we’ll have some fun πŸ™‚ night

Ib high yesterday was 28, middle 26.25 so players overnight stops down. Neutral and nice retrace on late longs #EMWS $ES_F

#EMWS Overnight Demon is 35 and Angel is 28.25 $ES_F resolve that battle first

When we get a bucket shop close, it neutralizes yesterday’s excess #EMWS ow.ly/jk8C304h2Sd $ES_F

15 min RTH chart in play from yesterday $ES_F ow.ly/NgBD304h590 #EMWS Primary magnet is 34.5

Trapped longs from yesterday are paying up, need them to squirm first #EMWS testing support is first premise $ES_F Hit a bounce or two

#EMWS half gap 34.75 as immediate aggressive resistance $ES_F

cover at least half at 25.75 and trail up to u if short $ES_F

The pipe is 35 to 21.25 so #EMWS assumed support now at 21/22 $ES_F

T1 today is 21.25 $ES_F git ‘er done Friday

I love a rainy night ow.ly/QD75304hgmX Eddie Rabbitt $ES_F 3 min chart RTH in play #EMWS dont get overconfident shorts

I teach #EMWS traders to think like an algo $ES_F keep the emotions out of it as best we can

We dont know if this is profit taking swing or more, so PFS by 27.5 if re entered $ES_F thinking small in 2 way action

Angel test is 27.25 $ES_F

#EMWS Patterns need monitoring as new info becomes available to confirm or negate ow.ly/WGnC304hpy7 $ES_F

@BidnAsk absolutely, especially our primitive brain πŸ™

While looking for market pros I follow like #FF @BamaTrader ow.ly/ZxgX304hJbq we can find balanced ideas to make our own decisions

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It’s been raining all day during RTH ow.ly/6qKk304hLoF 22 test coming up $ES_F

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@ciscohitt rofl great analyst here, underfollowed ow.ly/XHtQ304hMlv #FF

28.5 needs to contain bounces or it is probably still more neutral $ES_F Position squaring this afternoon #EMWS protect profits if any

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32 is Primary resistance but still seems more neutral, dont get chopped and dont chase $ES_F

@ciscohitt u bet cisco, be well

Don’t forget these guys down to earth great company @AnthonyCrudele ow.ly/naRA304hQtJ @HamzeiAnalytics ow.ly/uFtu304hQbp #FF

7:30 Am to Nav Special traders ” thinking to 22/25 support until broken” 10:30 update: Primary magnet is 2130.75 $ES_F keep profits if any

@RenaTrader thanks Renato , have a great weekend

The 2:10 Bar totally negated the lunch double bottom test $ES_F kick save, shorts be careful now #EMWS low is probably in

@BamaTrader Tough for LSU fan to do that but you’ve earned it πŸ™‚

@BamaTrader @MikeDFontaine LSU and Les Miles limited options ow.ly/rmYE304hXtm

Last to leave the short side lost today, still neutral into 2134.25 Major Player $ES_F

RT @e : #EMWS half gap 34.75 as immediate aggressive resistance $ES_F //missing 1 point, Paid for sure if took long side