20 globex perfect

11:24 Emini Wizard 20 globex perfect


@eminiwizard @babochoubs @Jediphone @DaveFamMan @pipsnticks @clayidus You got it E, I enjoy your posts 🙂 – Clayidus

@eminiwizard @babochoubs @Jediphone @DaveFamMan@JohnConaway @pipsnticks Thanks E for posting your comments & charts-very informative – JohnConaway


A Big Boy is looking at this chart with his algos. ow.ly/Sgntd If not, he’s clueless. Get your $$ out of his account $ES_F

9:49 Emini Wizard paid by 67 $ES_F MATD

08:04:2 Emini Wizard target today should be 78 to 82 $ES_F 08:13 Emini Wizard 77.75 primary target today #EMWS u either get it or u dont

08:50 Emini Wizard may need to bust the 82 to get everyone salivating $ES_F mission accomplished #EMWS

08:38 E 77 support called for nq 35 called support for es on the money $ES_F remember 1831 for cover all ? not just for day traders #EMWS

13:15 E advising all longs to collect some profits 13:30 E target 73 available for retest this afternoon $ES_F

14:16 E boyz want to knock out late louie before any new high 75.75 is 40 back id dont get too excited shorts $ES_F cover 75 to 73 advised

14:59 E 85 target still in sight by the boyz 15:28 i am thinking be paid ahead of 88 if long $ES_F

15:57 Emini Wizard Boyz are trying to close above 82.5 tag 87.5 or 88 $ES_F

Silly old antiquated resources that dont work ow.ly/Sj5NI $ES_F

@shemesht @Tbone4076 @JohnConaway @canuk1 @clayidus @pipsnticks @sewerpimp thanks all #EMWS