Light volume and narrow range day,

until the late day squeeze on the trapped shorts

to hit 2500 for another all time high.

Celebration Time

Tailwind from Irma

Destiny Fulfilled, Step by step.

2508.25 next resistance target








Zoom Room Notes



practicing my survival floating skills, thank you Rob

hello and best to all reminder 2488.25 is a retest resistance 2498 to 2502 DT4$ agg support 2482

#EMWS safe and sound here, hope you are too. $ES_F looks like shorts PFS by 87.5/ 88 hit and run $DT4$2

Shout out to the peeps I grew up with on Twitter @FuturesTrader71 @HamzeiAnalytics @eminiwizard @eminiplayer @Nirav777 @TraderMD @BamaTrader

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire back at you Renato and these nice people #FF

Thanks Tony, much appreciated. Great weekend to u

DT4$2 traders look for a video this weekend showing the 2499.5 target the #EMWS system projected today Zeek 8:56 AM 90.5 has a big buyer

DT4$2 120 chart was right 1:31 consolidation, shorts trapped 1:21 longs have edge as long as 92 intact for squeeze

Thank You

@TraderSmarts @RenaTrader @IHBDSB @sdedoo @FuturesTrader71 @SE1_Trading @JaviFusco @Emanuel_Wynne @chigrl @spz_trader @RFalgout13 @BamaTrader @eminiplayer @NanaimoTrader @jwdinheaven @Nirav777 @jalemem77 @Tradn500 @West3gg @JohnConaway @arcgio @clayidus @pipsnticks @11cjh11 @cutlossquick @Intuitive_Power @BEFREEinFL @RectorRe  thanks to all and any I missed



Zeek Snodgrass [8:31 AM] Good Moning

RS [8:45 AM] GM ALL

eminiwizard [8:54 AM] good morning

[8:55] looks like 87.5 still hanging in there[8:56] one slash bar at open and range traded all night


Zeek Snodgrass
[8:56 AM] gm E

[8:56 AM] hi z

Zeek Snodgrass
[8:56 AM] 90.5 has a big buyer

[8:56 AM] try 87 (support)

[8:56] rainline 5 rth there


Zeek Snodgrass
[8:57 AM] Friday, expecting long profit taking and grind higher this afternoon

[8:57 AM] i want to take a few mins to make sure u guys have access to dt4$2

[8:57] thanks z


Zeek Snodgrass
[8:57 AM] I don’t see it in my channels list

[8:57] could it be the parental controls?


[8:58 AM] lol

[8:59] i sent u invite check email


[9:07 AM] i wont take time now to figure that out

[9:07] will get it done over weekend[9:07] will open zoom shortly[9:11] using xxx[9:11] payday short conserv zone is 87/88[9:11] based on xx[9:12] 89.5 s1[9:12] git er done[9:12] grab a few early and go play day[9:13] … 2502 resistance


Zeek Snodgrass
[9:14 AM] 89.5 is globex angel

[9:15 AM] lets go

(sanitized version)