Market Structure

Down trend testing support

15 Globex in play

Shake and Bake

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@SafstromTrading Let’s see what happens overnight first. Market has to beat IB low zone first and 23/25 zone as posted. 28 to 32 also.

Dont mess with @AnthonyCrudele well done Deli $ES_F

If u took the convenient trade PFS by 17.5 $ES_F

#EMWS NS Traders follow the plan, use 12 as support until broken $ES_F

#EMWS aggressive shorts are 25/28 zone $ES_F

PFS by 17.5 to 16, trail $ES_F

seed capital pre market get paid for sure if hit it #EMWS

15 Globex base chart in play #EMWS Rain said no $ES_F

@HamzeiAnalytics lol I dont think so

#EMWS Pattern recognition 30 Globex $ES_F

PFS into 13 /12 and gap traders well done $ES_F

When an area like 23.25 is obvious to everyone, it’s of little value as stops will be run #EMWS

12 support buyers paid for sure by 26 to 28 $ES_F

nice to see we can still count on the Boyz for the Mike Tyson uppercut $ES_F

Done by T1 at 32.75 if trailer long , can go any high but that’s primary #EMWS target

RT @e : When an area like 23.25 is obvious to everyone, it’s of little value as stops will be run #EMWS / psychology trade, undercut low

From our criminal handbook posts to NS The 32/35 zone is important today, and obviously the 37 (xxx…to run stops on the 35 shorts) $ES_F

T2 today is 41.25 so we will try 41/43 as resistance. When the Boyz jam, no stop is safe so accept stop outs $ES_F keep profits if any

@gb00splusx this is a game the Boyz love to play especially during Options ex $ES_F

shake and bake and #EMWS slingshot trade are alive and well $ES_F have an uncle point, live to fight another day

@investasy day’s not over, shorts need to contain the 38 and bust 30.5 and 27 #EMWS $ES_F next rotation key

#EMWS Longer term and bigger picture idea is still LYH 2134.25 $ES_F

2130.5 held, and #EMWS T2 2141.25 achieved 15 Globex $ES_F rabid dog reversal day

better off missing a short than fueling a fire $ES_F traders willing to risk profits can try a short, but probably better sidelined now

@investasy spitting distance now $ES_F all #EMWS resistance targets met, more is good fortune $ES_F Zeek reminded me 43 target from Monday

Good time now to sit back and watch the chest pumpers, laughing reduces stress #EMWS

@investasy thank u, taking it one step at a time

#EMWS Keep 49 resistance /stop for rest of day and cash in long weekly options by EOD if you have them 32 support until broken

@ciscohitt nice zone cisco. 38 retest and 35.5 ideas here $ES_F posted to #EMWS higher the price and later in day better odds for short