Why re invent the wheel? find something that works and adapt it to our trading ow.ly/Se229 #darvas box $ES_F

08:36 E if bust the 49 think 52/55 targets 09:02 E stop 55 for shorts 09:04 Frank 52.5 top of yest IB $ES_F 09:31 E half gap 46

08:25 E i think boyz punch out of this to the long side today $ES_F 08:31 E matd possible so hit a bounce is appropriate #EMWS 2 tics left

8:23 E 57.5 r1 09:13 Emini Wizard test 55/ 58 NRO (not ruled out) today 10:45 Emini Wizard 60.5 t1 #EMWS $ES_F

yesterdays imbalance corrected 10:46 E using 65 as resistance 10:46 E short zone 60 / 62.5 $ES_F

part 2 why re invent the wheel ? ow.ly/Sf80G

9:58 E big differential yesterday is the problem. above 42 is an inv h and s 10:01 E rising emas problem for shorts right now #EMWS pattern

10:34 Zeek short side trapped and being squeezed 11:26 E make sure see the 57 as important right now 11:55 E t2 today is 68.75 $ES_F

Did you have a plan? 09:27 Emini Wizard normally we bounce into fomc $ES_F

13:36 Zeek 71.5 and 73.5 measured completion targets $ES_F 14:03 E target 70.75 #EMWS ow.ly/SfJVE dont mess with zeek

15:14 E last to leave loses 15:38 E if can get to 68/67 done well $ES_F 15:41 E 68.25 targ 15:33 E any longs be my guest after 3:30

@babochoubs thank you… stopped clock trade. Didn’t think it would run this far today $ES_F

15:32 E thinking we need 5 to 8 point short by EOD $ES_F risk and reward/ time was right #EMWS use stops and common sense

RED zone: did you ever notice how the last point is the hardest? $ES_F we call it the longest yard. Kudos to Zeek for nice targets #EMWS

RT @spz_trader: @AnthonyCrudele & I review potential #FED statement “scenarios” how best to position your trades

@babochoubs @Jediphone @JohnConaway @DaveFamMan @pipsnticks @clayidus thanks all and be well $ES_F