@GUMBY9662C go for it. thank you $ES_F

see relationships ow.ly/SbdWn #EMWS $ES_F

09:04 E i think key today is 52/53 just above friday’s high if below, we are retesting friday’s range we are going to sell bounces $ES_F

08:27 E then 37.5 if necessary 09:50 Emini Wizard 37.75 target 1 $ES_F 09:51 E 35 support for buyers

10:16 Emini Wizard first time back should get rejected 46/48 #EMWS $ES_F

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@ManOverMarket friday gotta beat afternoon low at 35.5 first before fridays low comes into play $ES_F op ex games

@PipCzar a quant may be looking at 36.5 as a key support $ES_F

13:42 E if long paid into 43.75 to 45 $ES_F 14:16 E dont get overconfident as a long 14:28 E 38.5 angel / paid for sure by 39