10 Globex pre market for perspective. Keep eye on blue line, pink line, PP

60 Globex Bounce has started, risk reward ideas in play

5 globex

42 target Flying high if we get above it

@investasy @MarzBonfire @FaaastEddy @pipsnticks @shemesht @MomentumScalper @AnthonyCrudele @Jediphone @RectorRe @gb00splusx @Serious_Trader @TraderSmarts @onefourdroopy @Timmypuppy @reaves_grant @davidwazz thanks to all

@LifeLimits It’s all good since I took down the mirrors in my home.

RT @MarzBonfire: Back below $SPX 2134.72, the 2015 high / un-noticed by most, but one of the best posts made on Friday by anyone $ES_F

@steenbab Nice article, including the 2009 post. For me nothing beats the simplicity of moving averages in a trend ow.ly/52Ru3046QJZ

#EMWS Nav special Traders follow the plan, target 2105 posted in update has been achieved. Stops down if playing MATD trade $ES_F

@MissTrade @steenbab Thank you Matt I always appreciate the insight of profilers $ES_F MA like reading sidehill downhill break on the green

#EMWS 2094.25 next primary support target $ES_F night all

10 Globex ow.ly/PeBZ3047BQT consolidation as expected $ES_F checked at 5 am and went back to meditate in my sleep #EMWS

98 stops for longs, drop losers fast $ES_F

risk and reward ideas come into play today $ES_F 2 way day

@MarzBonfire you earned it 🙂

@investasy I would be surprised if it is but I think key is to be flexible today 60 chart ow.ly/Cg5a3047OZV MATD hit a bounce $ES_F

RT @ PivotBoss: Happy Monday! my pre-mkt vid: pivotboss.com/2016/09/12/piv… #pivotboss $ES_F $NQ_F $GC_F $CL_F #crude #gold #trading #futures #TOS

I think Friday’s range was excessive, so my assumption is we need consolidation, bounce $ES_F

@investasy we should get that 32/35 retest the question is when. If we make new low today not thinking it will be a plunge $ES_F

#EMWS Paid for sure by 2118 to 2122 if long $ES_F nice trade if u took it. Too low to short, buy or stand aside

If long Trailers or add ons above T1 25.5 and paid for sure by 2131.25 to 32 $ES_F

@investasy near enough for gov’t work, nice target $ES_F

@investasy posted to Nav special traders: If we get a flyer, we can bounce to 32/35/ and even 42 but I doubt that $ES_F

T2 today is 33.75 lock ’em if long $ES_F nice jam by the Boyz today #EMWS Don’t forget @MarzBonfire post; retesting

elevator down moves can cause slingshot trades; today is a good example of the dead cat bounce trade ow.ly/xtg43048mCU $ES_F

@MarzBonfire 12:35 Notes to NS Now thinking 38 needs to hold or we get the 42 retested, which was my last big resistance posted Friday $ES_F

@MarzBonfire I dont look that far ahead. Need to resolve the bounce first, then easier for me to see potentials $ES_F

Algos liked 42 zone for profit taking $ES_F catch pieces of the move #EMWS Do not let it run against you. Markets can plunge and then bungee

That bungee post was made last night to Nav special traders $ES_F If you took the 41.5+ short PFS by 27.25 to 29 #EMWS

@MomentumScalper longs punched back as expected & the uppercut to the 42+ was potential but lower odds. Hi and low may be in for day $ES_F

IB high 29 zone the key for now $ES_F

#EMWS any day high possible in Kings and Queens, but I like stall into 48/52 $ES_F

traders who missed Friday’s plunge were most at risk today $ES_F

Keep profits if any time 32 support again until broken $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele remember all summer couldnt get 10 point swing daily? now looks like the Boyz are back in town, rollover related

Target 49.75 achieved, and now up to the Boyz for any more squeeze today $ES_F sideline

Amazing day. Boyz may now be targeting the 58 High from Friday, Avoid trouble all I know. $ES_F Dead cat bounce has 4 or 5 lives not 8 $ES_F

RT @ TheFibDoctor: $ES_F Observation. Many are “upset” when mkt goes up. Rather than bitchin’ & moanin’, why not … go with the flow ?

need action to get reaction… today exceeded all my expectations upside, just as friday’s did on the downside #EMWS Kaiser soze $ES_F

@TraderSmarts manic depressive swings are always tough Tony. Ring the bell like a carnival game by hitting market with sledge hammer $ES_F