rollover using Z contract $ES_F

double at 39 zone and 40.75 middle #EMWS

angels and demons $ES_F

08:27 Emini Wizard 19.5 target possible $ES_F

11:46 Emini Wizard then could be for testing 48/52 $ES_F 52.25 demon globex #EMWS

13:37 Emini Wizard dtop stop 58.25 if shorting $ES_F

15:22 Emini Wizard 36.5 ib high $ES_F retest make sure paid

15:13 Emini Wizard testing day open poss 34.75 / $ES_F bingo

trailers are hailers past 35 for shorts. paid for sure $ES_F

Sequence trading 15:44 E shorts have had nice afternoon swing, 30 mins to go party may be over $E_F

first day of rollover and Team E in synch already with the rhythm. Dont let any guru tell you it cant be done $ES_F

thanks to @JohnConaway @shemesht @margintrades and all for retweets, favorites, comments etc #EMWS