Descending Triangle on the 60 Globex

5 RTH Umbrella trade shaping up.

Aggressive Targets are those nearer the previous day’s low

60 Globex approaching the 54 Target near S2

Lunch Bounce, into the 68/72 zone This is an important battle

Armstrong Sovereign debts and banking
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@DowdEdward Giddy Up $ES_F

Flexible 2 way range traders have made out well lately $ES_F #EMWS NS “2178 for now as the current range needing resolving” #kiss

#EMWS conservative target short pre market is 2172 to 2171.5 $ES_F

2170.25 Gap players lock it #EMWS seed capital is a good thing $ES_F

These are the ideas I teach in #EMWS “Symmetry: The overnight low is the swing middle from yesterday’s low to overnight high” $ES_F

Bingo at 68 and play hit and run #EMWS $ES_F

Keep an eye on the news calendar today $ES_F

As traders we are always dealing with incomplete information adjust patterns as more info comes in #EMWS 60 $ES_F

payday by 65.25 if short with trailers #EMWS

@mikeman0341 @FuturesTrader71 inside week yes, but lower highs and flat bottom so far $ES_F

#EMWS Being conservative ahead of long weekend using 62 to 64 as aggressive support $ES_F

#EMWS capture something every day. Bingo 62/64 $ES_F trailers only below 64

Find one good trade a day #EMWS $ES_F T1 63.75 and T2 is testing yesterday’s low

@WatermanLXXIII lol welcome back hope u had fun

say yeeha at 58 test, need trailers for more $ES_F

yesterdays post said 54 next idea for support test if we break 57.5 $ES_F

60 Globex thank you “complacent longs” #EMWS fade the herd

@pmansfield678 Thank you Paul, Step by Step for #EMWS

@pmansfield678 Emini wizard System

2187.5 was identified as a major pivot in #EMWS Still a player for now as resistance $ES_F

RT @TraderSmarts: need Friday’s ES YM NQ 6E CL GC plan Thursday night? Indicator? Client feed? Trials easy to start:

@MrTopStep win lose or draw, I like the way you think

Posted in #EMWS Nav Special update: “Likely consolidation for lunch magnet is 62.25 , so figure 62/64 as immediate resistance.” $ES_F

Guessing High and low for day are in already $ES_F nice washout

Paid for sure if long by 66 to 68 , the rest is juice $ES_F

@WatermanLXXIII thank u. first of month trap door to buy ’em cheap I think #EMWS

@MrTopStep Amen Brother, thank you

62/64 got beat easily, so using that idea for aggressive support right now that shorts need to bust $ES_F

Posted for #EMWS in Nav Special “For traders with profits willing to risk, re entry short zone” $ES_F think small

#EMWS PFS into 63.25 / 64 if re entered $ES_F

Re entry shorts keep an eye on time now $ES_F accept stop outs into the close #EMWS stops down, 62 intact still

@jwsuga RT @AnthonyCrudele #FuturesRadio @BrynneandRic Trade NaturalGas from EliteTrader…

@WatermanLXXIII 2nd entry was earlier, for those who wanted to hit lunch bounce $ES_F You welcome

Armstrong on Sovereign Debt and Banking Zeek says keep eye on Yield Curve #EMWS

@jwsuga I am Jason, and back at you and yours. #EMWS