@Jediphone thanks Jedi , back to school time… lets do our abcd’s. #EMWS $ES_F

risk reward coming in for now ow.ly/RD28E $ES_F rabbit rabbit

the more the merrier ow.ly/RD3LA #EMWS $ES_F

@BamaTrader who is @CNBC? $ES_F

when 5 minute charts aren’t enough ow.ly/RDevL $ES_F

target 17.75 achieved, advised shorts capture by 18 and more is good fortune $ES_F

“50 points off overnight high , make sure paid if short” $ES_F

8:14 E yesterday we identified 44 as a key then 30 then 17.75 to the 12 $ES_F step by step 8:28 E 1906.75 next big support zone behind 12

08:38 E careful this morning of a washout low and small slingshot $ES_F 9:47 E paid by 40/45 zone $ES_F middle 40 and 43.25 half gap

Pay attention to resistance in downtrends ow.ly/REPD8 $ES_F

8:05: Zeek behind it is the 10-09 b/o on the way up and 1900.50 area as final target 13:36 E below 13 can hit 12.5, 6.75 etc $ES_F

primary target 6.75, 05 $ES_F 13:46 E dont try too hard eod Boyz love to jam ow.ly/REQGz $ES_F day traders covering

Down draft ow.ly/RF28G archie trade ow.ly/RF2go #EMWS $ES_F