60 globex

15 min Globex Risk reward awful

@onefourdroopy @pipsnticks @gb00splusx @kaneco501_1 @MrTopStep thanks to all

60 globex was the chart in play today for #EMWS ow.ly/qZUj3033mBV

@MrTopStep The Boyz may get them but doubtful it will be running ; more likely it will be glacially slow pace $ES_F

T1 today is yesterday’s rth high 2181.25 PFS by 2182 if long, stops up $ES_F keeping 2171 as primary support until broken Big pivot 2187.5

risk reward awful ow.ly/faiP3034s1v 60 globex $ES_F

J.V. Team churning the play as best they can ow.ly/3QcR3035fAL 15 globex $ES_F