Friday/Monday notes by Pony Express

8: 32 gap traders using 77 resist $ES_F 8:43 if took contra paid by 73.5 #EMWS grab a few chips and think small

#EMWS 8:51 spread out trades today git er done relax markets slow on news not a good sign $ES_F

8:32 gap traders using 77 resist $ES_F PFS by 72 if took the short #EMWS

#EMWS range trade buyers testing 75 paid ; angel 68.5 intact from overnight $ES_F summer doldrums

RT @TheFibDoctor Open House next Monday & Tuesday, 8/7 & 8/8/2017 –…

#EMWS symmetry traders understood where the edges were this week and didn’t force it looking for big swings $ES_F JV team at the helm

#EMWS suspected dreary day, 15 globex in control. 73 agg support, half /gap traders paid by 73.5 $ES_F zzzzz

Thank You

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