15 min Globex Double bottom test yesterday’s low

30 Globex testing S1 Sell signal in play

15 Minute Globex Step by Step

120 Globex Testing 65 lows

30 Globex, approaching 60.25 to 62 targets

5 minute Globex Classic Umbrella pattern. Targets achieved, need a lunch contra


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Clean money ow.ly/u6Ig303JRDR Armstrong

#EMWS Primary Magnet is currently 2172 $ES_F try for seed capital if playing premarket

yesterday’s angel test is 2170.75 #EMWS

69.25 is t1 and s1 today, PFS by db test yest low if short $ES_F

@pmansfield678 PFS = Paid For Sure. Stops down, trail or bail

@ciscohitt Thanks Cisco Inside day comes first if it breaks then 66.75 T2 test next potential target. 2167 is my power pivot support for now

@ciscohitt half gap 73.5 to 74 is important area above the 72 magnet I think $ES_F

15 minute Globex ow.ly/fAxh303L7IJ $ES_F resolving yesterday afternoon’s range #EMWS

30 min chart also on a sell signal testing support #EMWS ow.ly/P75r303L8rd $ES_F

Timing Trade #EMWS Stops down, make sure paid if short ow.ly/REum303L9Q8 $ES_F back later

120 Chart ow.ly/Hxhl303LqaK $ES_F 58 to 62 next support zone #EMWS Step by Step

30 Globex ow.ly/WMGv303Lrb0 tighten trailers if short at the 60.25 test %RS_F

Classic pattern ow.ly/MUS4303Lymw 68 Resistance, then 72 #EMWS $ES_F lock profits if short during lunch bounce

A fibo target remains at 56, 54 if the Boyz stop run the 57.5 low #EMWS Primary target is hit at 60.25 $ES_F

If u bought the contra, good place to tighten stops/ get paid is by 2168.75 Retest #EMWS $ES_F low could be in for the day

Lots of complacent longs makes me think we get some volatility in September $ES_F

@RyanDetrick Nice stat. We had over 100 point range in July and only 50 in August $ES_F

Any re entries short this afternoon, tight stops. Longs love to get back in late Louie’s pocket $ES_F done for day here #EMWS 2161.25 Angel