#EMWS $ES_F 38 squeeze pivot intact, 42 aggressive support

#EMWS 120 globex $ES_F market structure

#EMWS assumption is MATD has played out over night and we are consolidating $ES_F two way day presumed

#EMWS If playing the pipe short paid for sure by 43 to 42 $ES_F

#EMWS 2 pipes in play look at both of them for 456 idea $ES_F

conservative target is 4, normal 5, aggressive 6 $ES_F since this is premarket, use 4 for seed capital idea

if low was made yesterday in sequence, this cannot be day 3. MATD says can buy pb, but now yesterday’s high needs watching for clues

#EMWS keep it simple, accumulate profits if we can

lol yes Grandpa wizard

#EMWS Trader xxx: …and failure of 54.25 be seen as a near term heavy resistance? 12:00 E: personally i think we break it $ES_F

#EMWS eminiwizard 11:34 AM use 48 now as aggressive pivot $ES_F 11:54 bias is still up / stops up into 57.75

#EMWS Trailers are hailers past 2457.75 ; 2460 t1 to 62.5 next resistance $ES_F

Nature of the beast, month end bias, step by step

Thank You

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