30 min Globex Structure premarket

60 Globex IB Regression Trade into target zone

Armstrong on Fools Gold

Armstrong on safe bets

Forrest Factor

30 Globex Gap filled

@BidnAsk @hanskan1 @gb00splusx @ciscohitt @StevenTaggart @Intuitive_Power @willjay @shemesht @RectorRe thanks to all, much appreciated


30 min globex ow.ly/DXfQ303InMg $ES_F Its a great game when we score 5 runs and the other team comes back at us next inning with 4

Reminder to Navigator Special Traders to review my thoughts, videos and charts at your convenience at marketwizardz.com #EMWS $ES_F

overnight angel is 77.5 PFS if playing using yest 82.25 to 84 as nearby resistance $ES_F

risk two make two type trading. be aware of news at 10 ow.ly/2QkV303IFT3 $ES_F PP and rain line at 76.5 #EMWS

@willjay thank u news coming, flat $ES_F

T1 at 74.75 and more is good fortune $ES_F

from morning view Nav Special: The 74/75.25 zone is an important area that needs to be defended by bulls and over run by the bears $ES_F

yesterdays middle 73.38 trailers only below 74 #EMWS $ES_F

Now Re-auctioning yesterday’s fast up $ES_F ow.ly/Zdjp303IMLA 30 chart posted earlier

RT@e : PFS by 2182 if long and anything goes with the squeeze. Odds may change now, but this is git er done week going into holiday $ES_F

74 support being challenged, the rest is up to the Boyz $ES_F Primary target is already hit, missing 1 tic (72.75 is T2 today)

those algos love their dimes $ES_F s1 at 71.25 today

68.75 gap is the teaser, step by step $ES_F Take something out of the market every day if we can #EMWS nice regression trade today

Armstrong on safe bets ow.ly/Tb2v303IUA4 #EMWS

60 Globex Structure ow.ly/8sjQ303IWX4 $ES_F

Fool’s gold in Goldman Sachs ow.ly/NALC303J1Li Armstrong