30 min Globex Premarket

15 Min Globex premarket Note R1 at 82.5, normal resistance.

Primary Trade 5 min Globex

30 Globex Structure Fast Down, Fast up

4 boxes + down, 3 + boxes bounce Kings and Queens


@TRADEnPERFORM @TraderMD @chigrl @pipsnticks @PatrickGrattan @DowdEdward @Intuitive_Power @Tayduzit @StevenTaggart thanks to all, much appreciated


inside day may have the highest odds today, not thinking MATD will provide much of an edge $ES_F

@TRADEnPERFORM range has been so narrow lately on daily basis, Friday stole some of today’s range I think

@TraderMD and third idea? $ES_F

@TraderMD thank u for sharing your ideas $ES_F

30 Min chart ow.ly/rpyS303G7aW $ES_F aggressive chart 15 Globex ow.ly/Sfn7303G7DE #EMWS

@TraderMD 🙂 thank you Doc

Testing 1st aggressive resistance posted yesterday for Navigator Special Traders “so that 72 to 74 is first aggressive resistance” $ES_F

if long all stops up Trail above 74 , PFS by 2178 #EMWS

“so that 72 to 74 is first aggressive resistance, then the 78 to 82 zone.” $ES_F When u think u are shooting fish in a barrel, uh-oh

@TRADEnPERFORM agreed Simon, its end of month and set up was huge range friday $ES_F

from Friday: need re auctioning again, but now long side #EMWS 2179 Is T2 today fast down fast up re-auctioning $ES_F

5 min globex ow.ly/aDHO303Gu8L $ES_F

Structure 30 Globex in King’s and queens dayow.ly/qUMa303GxFi #EMWS retesting the 82 break $ES_F Primary trade is done

PFS by 2182 if long and anything goes with the squeeze. Odds may change now, but this is git’er done week going into the holiday $ES_F

3 Box+ bounce in re auction day ow.ly/7lcs303GI8o$ES_F

reversal rabid dog day, fighting tape adds fuel #EMWSProtect profits if any $ES_F need profits willing to risk if want to short. 74 support

unlikely to get big move this afternoon, avoid trouble $ES_F