ferocious bounces are part of corrective markets ow.ly/Ruoz7 macro view ow.ly/Rup11 #EMWS $ES_F

@BamaTrader desperate times call for continuing to fool mom and pop. keep feeding the machine. they have a hammer and thats all. $ES_F

@Ancient_Warrior RT @casper409: #FF @SJosephBurns @thewavetrading @e @MissTrade @PivotBoss @zspb @FuturesTrader71 @MarzBonfire @FOREX_VALUER

RT @casper409: #FF @SJosephBurns @thewavetrading @e @MissTrade @PivotBoss @zspb @FuturesTrader71 @MarzBonfire @Ancient_Warrior @FOREX_VALUER

@thewavetrading @Ancient_Warrior @SJosephBurns @casper409 @BamaTrader @LongTplexTrader @pipsnticks @BEFREEinFL @B3t8 Thanks all $ES_F #FF

@AnthonyCrudele @MrTopStep @spz_trader @50Pips @ManOverMarket @verniman @TraderSmarts @zeek (lol) @PivotBoss great follows #FF

11:33 E gap closed 92 resistance 11:42 Zeek long side looks done 11:39: E i think longs keep profits (time and price agree ) $ES_F

13:36 E 72 angel get paid $ES_F

13:08 E brief excursion to 90 $ES_F 13:09 E balance is brief excursion to 70 #EMWS

BIG picture 11:21 E previous low? 1970 $ES_F viewing bounce from 1831 as retest of the 1970 prior low of year #EMWS year mid? 82.5 #kiss

@RenaTrader @BamaTrader @eminplayer @TheFibDoctor @krazytoo depndable & no BS year after year #FF where is @tomandprisha when we need him?

72 been tough all day to get by 10:53 E 64.5 needs testing and i will be disappointed if we dont get that test by eod $ES_F

heading out, best to all for a great weekend. $ES_F jv team kept it tight today

10:39 E i would like to see profit taking day, pull back. i think problem is month end and boyz protect for weekend rah rah 72 to 92 range

@TheLittleTrader it has, and I have more grey hair. Happy to have some left after dealing with the Boyz and their agenda $ES_F

@TraderSmarts @eminiplayer #respect for you Tony and Awais. In the trenches every day, take the body blows and get back up. $ES_F

12:56 E TRUST NOTHING THIS AFTERNOON shorts have not taken out the 72 angel. they need to undermine 75/72 to have a shot into the 60’s test

@TheLittleTrader @JPWFutures @spmehtoflegend @FuturesTrader71 @Chicagostock @Jediphone @marketminute @BPGAG @shemesht @cjg808 @HMsamperio ty

67 support ow.ly/RwtRX cover 1831 ow.ly/RwtT9 bungee ow.ly/RwtWL angels and demons ow.ly/RwtYu

@jwsuga nah.

@jwsuga lol.

@jwsuga 11:06 Jason: feels like setting up lunchtime squeeze 11:31 E: jason great call 11:33 Zeek wtg Jason 11:33 E gap closed dtop