17:52 Emini Wizard target 65 to 68 not ruled out tomorrow $ES_F

11:07 E 78/82 targs 11:09 E “i was wrong” (I saw these targets but didn’t believe in them ) got support right at 48 $ES_F no guts no glory

08:39 Emini Wizard 82.5 is xxxx $ES_F

12:55 E if take 84/89 entry and doesnt work accept stop out 13:24 E using 89.25 stop if trying short $ES_F

12:26 E do not fight market if not in rhythm relax $ES_F we were looking for a higher high into lunch then a contra. stopped clock trade Yay (RIGHT)

bingo 67.25 and say yeeeehaaa for stopped clock trade #EMWS $ES_F

retesting IB breakout paid for sure if short $ES_F

angel test is 62, lunch lemmings off the cliff #EMWS $ES_F HOD is likely in (WRONG)

52/53 is PFS paid for sure $ES_F

u still have trailer reminder 43 yest high $ES_F

@sewerpimp “markets can turn on a dime; most traders cant, thats why they lose” – Jeff Cooper

15:09 Emini Wizard The Rainmaker has spoken exit 45 $ES_F

@TraderChick lately I have reduced charts on tradestation bcuz of larger volume has helped. i dont use TOS IB (interactive broker) seems ok

@TraderChick @sewerpimp @casper409 @shemesht @onefourdroopy thanks all $ES_F

Rain insane today ow.ly/RtxBr $ES_F #EMWS