120 Chart boxed Premarket

30 Globex Pre market waiting for Yellen

RTH Open

News Launch and reversal (not yet confirmed) 5 Globex

120 Globex EOD

30 Globex

5 Globex EOD Divergence

120 EOD Step by step

30 Globex

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66 important support trying to hold for now; magnet 74.25 and using 82/83 as resistance #EMWS $ES_F appointments, back later (66 and 83 stops run/busted)

@PatrickGrattan @Serious_Trader @mytradingbuddy @chriskahn @BEFREEinFL @shemesht thanks to all much appreciated

EOD structure. ow.ly/Ompj303B3Pr #EMWS Traders in Navigator Special, update posted at Marketwizardz.com $ES_F

RT @TheFibDoctor: 8/26/2016 Morning Fibs and Calendar $ES_F $NQ_F $TF_F $YM_F fb.me/1uFv4lbjE

30 Globex $ES_F ow.ly/eIlD303BGWU git ‘er done Friday, and dont force trades in listless trading ranges

nasty inside range waiting for yellin. Be aware of news today. Hit and run trading $ES_F

PFS by 78 if long, rain line test #EMWS ow.ly/Zzv8303BWxb $ES_F good fortune above 79.5, same as yest 82 defense needed by shorts (82 Busted)

Navigator Special Traders if long paid by 82 on trailers and ahead of news T2 is 2180.75 $ES_F re-read last nights post for the Pattern

if shorted for profit taking ahead of news PFS by 77.5 #EMWS $ES_F

conservative traders sidelined for news $ES_F

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire / Renato, much appreciated and back at you #FF class act

yeehas on trailers at 76.25 and good fortune below $ES_F

gap traders get paid by 72 $ES_F 69.5 T1

keeping 68 support, PFS by 82 if long and git ‘er done is done $ES_F ow.ly/MmB7303C2IP zones to do business posted last night #EMWS (68 Busted)

PFS by 76 to 74 and go play golf if shorted $ES_F rhythm nice swing by algos #EMWS

by the time u figure out what she’s saying, 90% of the move is done. Use Tech analysis for the edge, not talking heads $ES_F

cover by 2185.5 to 88.5 resistance if long $ES_F

@PatrickGrattan lol Fedspeak Boyz have an agenda, playing great defense #EMWS last night I intercepted their memo ow.ly/rGjW303C5V8

Big Pivot is 2187.5 and will maintain awareness of that zone as previously stated #EMWS $ES_F we need reauctioning this fast move next week

@MrTopStep gotta love Jack and his cigar

Back later … (maybe) Keep profits if any $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: PFS by 76 to 74 and go play golf if shorted $ES_F rhythm nice swing by algos #EMWS / Boyz will be Boyz

Re auction… fast up fast down… below 69 is good fortune for trailers in Kaiser Soze $ES_F

T2 today is 2167.25 all stops down time and price $ES_F

-1271 tics , looking for divergence this afternoon $ES_F

62 to 59 gap is next target zone short $ES_F

Need a knee jerk reaction by the JV Team or uh-oh $ES_F

Big Frame ow.ly/aRlw303CnXY need re auctioning again, but now long side #EMWS NS Traders go back to my introductory post $ES_F

@pipsnticks see the chart just posted, thank u $ES_F

@pipsnticks u bet 59.25 is wt1, below that just dumb luck $ES_F Using 72 resistance behind 68.5 #EMWS

Position Squaring $ES_F keep profits if any risk small #EMWS Zeek’s Wrecking Ball Trade in play possible gap fill 59 DFD nice weekend 2 all

“Looking for divergence this afternoon” ow.ly/oJV1303D022 $ES_F JV team a bit unsteady pushing the elevator buttons today 🙂 #EMWS

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