#EMWS looking over the battlefield $ES_F

#EMWS $ES_F Plan for today: git ‘er done and start the weekend early

#EMWS using 42 as aggressive support for now $ES_F

#EMWS 10: 14 there is a gap fill at 53.25 so that is primary target $ES_F

#EMWS 11:15 AM get 41/43 better get paid if short $ES_F 41.25 is gap fill

#EMWS 15 globex $ES_F 5 RTH

#EMWS thank u. Primary target short 42; yest middle 41.88 can use as key target $ES_F 8:40 if shorts cannot undo 40.25, pressure still up

RT @RenaTrader: Our first trade today: [Aug 25, 2017 8:57:52 AM EDT] RenaTraderShort 2452-54 #DiamondSetups / #FF smart call, kudos

#EMWS 120 chart was reasonable guide to see double top $ES_F some work, some don’t

#EMWS 1:19 PM longs paid by 47 to 49.75 $ES_F

educated, lucky guess, thank u Matt

#EMWS keep chips if any and have a great weekend all $ES_F

#EMWS  2:53  summer trading at it’s worst  $ES_F trade for three hours and give it all back in ten minutes

#EMWS if took 49.75 resistance PFS by 44 and trailers closed by 41/42 doji zone $ES_F

Thank You

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