Friday 5:02 pm E: 4 million shares. wow. Zeek said volatile august. PPT running out of $$ unless they are shorting this market $ES_F

15:35 Emini Wizard 1951 target // Need to get by the 58 lows $ES_F

Sunday night 15:35 E: 🙂 target 51 Destined and achieved #EMWS $ES_F say yeeehaa

(Friday) 14:58 Zeek Black Monday on deck 15:05 Frank Thank you Zeek, great analysis all week 15:06 Zeek: E, your system gets the credit #EMWS $ES_F

11:49 pm E: Team E 1910.5 LYM #EMWS if that cant hold 1899 important $ES_F

12:06 A.m E: In a corrective market, The umbrella pattern is unmistakable and demonstrates the picture of power #EMWS $ES_F

6:10 E: Bulls who have make the recency bias assumption need to revisit their premise $ES_F

6:21 E: Gap chart with No support zone from last october #ES_F

6:27 E: @Marketrend thank you Carlos $ES_F

08:17 Emini Wizard retest the first overnight low at 1911 $ES_F 08:18 Emini Wizard 11 to 12 as retest #EMWS 08:34Emini Wizard paid by 02

9:11 E: Plan has been hit the retest, get a few then trail going short with trend $ES_F cover most by the open or by 82

09:11 Zeek I think we get to 1870 before the open / we wont buy trail/cover is all #EMWS $ES_F

08:10 Zeek 1870 is globex limit down $ES_F 8:43 Emini Wizard 1875 support pivot #EMWS achieved using 1911 to 12 as resistance posted

9:36 E: if had trailers into open suggest paid for sure at wt 4 1831 $ES_F trail hit bounces is plan

9:37 E: @BamaTrader why not at 1911 the first swing low that was support/ turned into resistance? $ES_F

9:48 E: we have advised newer players sidelines, veterans looking for profits at major pivots short. take stops look for re entry using 5 point stop

9:49 E: @BamaTrader overnight low the db midnight / 1:15

1:04 E: @sewerpimp advised shorts think sharp bounces possible today, no averaging in. If timing is right can bounce 25 to 50 points in swings $ES_F

10:19 E: half gap 17.75 paid for sure by 15 if long $ES_F

09:34 Emini Wizard good fortune below 1830.75 / 10:05 E boyz trying to keep shorts from getting position 10:13 E box in 1830/1930

10:28 E: support squeeze pivot identified at 1860.75 in control til broken, 1942.75 resistance pivot $ES_F

10:04: E @sewerpimp thanks pimp. Pro tip: zeek points out that 1930 is the middle of the swing from friday’s high and today’s low $ES_F

10:46 E 1942 is a potential target for longs to bust $ES_F 11:55 E paid if long by 42.75 to 45 $ES_F #EMWS

10:36 E xxxx 1900.5 $ES_F is our bias pivot. When this held focus has been on longs in control for now for profit taking by shorts/squeeze

best odds say longs done/ paid for sure by 52.75 $ES_F 12:12 E 1953 = xx intraday short #EMWS drop losers fast

shorts stops down into IB high retest 28.5 #EMWS $ES_F

+1300 tics zeek pointed out, then nice divergence at the bounce high. That 51 was retest of our original target last night $ES_F

trail only past 25 advised. Hit and run in dead cat bounce mode $ES_F avoid trouble day. when mentally exhausted or confused go sidelines

14:09 Emini Wizard dont forget 1905 $ES_F target was ahead of 1900 for shorts/ risk reward, then trail or re enter on stop outs

14:31 Emini Wizard pipe is xx and (support target) 1883.25 $ES_F

3:19 E: body of the 10 am candle we have as key above the 1869 angel using 1905 resistance $ES_F

12:29 E this afternoon we get shorts turn $ES_F 13:15 E 52.75 as resistance, if not we can get gap close

15:17 E shorts get paid and trail $ES_F timing right for eod profit taking 15:31 E 1910 resistance rest of day

15:46 Emini Wizard try one more time using 25 resist #EMWS $ES_F

15:49 Emini Wizard paid 00.5 #EMWS

4:06 Pm last effort 25 stop a good one for eod swing $ES_F Nice try Boyz… IB high intact

4:09 pm E: 15:35 Zeek 81 area is possible close $ES_F Team E well done. mentally exhausting day

4:20 E: Beautiful close $ES_F #EMWS

6:06 E: 10 RTH was the player for us $ES_F avoid trouble day. accept stops try again new level. Two way day expected

9:34 E: @sewerpimp @Marketrend @shemesht @onefourdroopy @bocajoes @ChrisTinaFoxx @splitnines @pipsnticks thanks all $ES_F

@LongTplexTrader @MaKza @midget_666 @Jediphone @DaveFamMan @JamesKahler and to any I missed thanks all $ES_F