Retesting yesterday’s IB breakout $ES_F corrective moves usually have sharp rallies #EMWS playing inside day

#EMWS if took short EOD or overnight PFS by 40.75 $ES_F

#EMWS rain line 5 RTH in play using 37 agg support at the open $ES_F

#EMWS 9:13 bingo shorts 40.75 hit more is good fortune time and price 9:33 46.75 half gap $ES_F $ES_F

5 RTH $ES_F advised #EMWS traders not to overtrade today. 9:36 i think high for day is in

#EMWS 12:31 magnet is 45.5 use that for bias don’t over trade $ES_F

#EMWS small tunnel through time $ES_F inside day plays out step by step #EMWS

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