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@wfjp @ciscohitt @shemesht @RDTrader12 @davidwazz @LongTplexTrader @Serious_Trader @PatrickGrattan @onefourdroopy thanks to all

30 Globex updated ow.ly/RCQF303uYp9 $ES_F retesting Big Pivot

@ciscohitt well done cisco, nice algo $ES_F

@ciscohitt (not) always fun to go back and see what we were thinking ow.ly/FVVR303v7iU $ES_F weak hands today drop losers #EMWS

@MrTopStep thanks for sharing, great info on perspective. Same as hurricane season in Fla .

@MrTopStep $ES_F gap chart perspective ow.ly/Cr4t303vszx everyone loves a winner and becomes a cheerleader 400 points later

half gap today is today’s current middle 2185.25 $ES_F hard to get excited either way #EMWS risk reward says think small if u play at all

@DowdEdward gap overnight and squeezing higher has been the pattern lately, the boiling frogs in water trade $ES_F

@DowdEdward keeping in perspective almost 400 points higher #EMWS 2192 to 2209.75 may prove to be next key resistance zone $ES_F

common sense and a bit of luck always helps $ES_F Half gap traders be happy #EMWS navigator special is a no brainer ow.ly/BmVA303vM7X

dfd (done for day) play well all. thanks for your posts

@ciscohitt thank you very much cisco 🙂