30 Globex common sense

Trendless 5 RTH

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Range bound, risk 2 make two if playing ow.ly/LI13303sJ7k 72 aggressive support, 85 aggressive resistance #EMWS $ES_F

RT @e : Lots of noise in the market… #Theta Burn $ES_F SOC yesterday was 2173 and assumed support zone for now / #EMWS #kiss / testing

PFS by half gap 79.5 if long $ES_F

trailers for gap plus and keep it simple $ES_F pay attention to support in up trends #EMWS

PFS by 76.25 to 74.75 if scalped short in range #EMWS $ES_F

Angel test is 76 trailers below #EMWS stops down if playing the range posted earlier $ES_F ow.ly/5IBr303t6oJ

Primary magnet is 74.5 (the red line in that chart) nice target zone #EMWS $ES_F

RT @AnthonyCrudele: #ES_F at those areas I would look for small scalps / Nice box Deli #FF savvy

@GregCapra nice charts. markets aren’t crazy imho; JV team is on the field and range trading makes sense for now if u want to play $ES_F

range trading it is, running in quicksand for now #EMWS defensive game it seems today $ES_F may get one more shake by EOD

Summer time #EMWS a reminder for those who are interested please sign up now for the Navigator Special ow.ly/kTQw303tBbm $ES_F

5 RTH ow.ly/oJlA303tE2F do you have the discipline to find one or two good trade set ups a day? $ES_F think small ranges first

If we leave a junk yard dog that doesn’t belong there in our neighborhood, pretty soon we have a dogfight $ES_F shorts sleeping need offense