3 black crows and best run the shorts have had in a long time ow.ly/Rbzv6 $ES_F

@contingencyisu @MissTrade @Jediphone good morning. new featured movie baby bears meet goldilocks ? $ES_F

risk and reward problem now 9:07 E next support low is 05.5 and there is a gap at 02 10:05 E use target 21 and using 22/25 shorts $ES_F

MATD says hit bounces and hope for a reasonable trade with yesterday’s trend $ES_F

over 100 points for the week… so reducing expectations today $ES_F hitting bounces til stops working is plan #EMWS

11:03 Emini Wizard 98.75 is t1 and paid for sure #EMWS $ES_F

nothing to do but manage trailers #EMWS $ES_F

next big level is 91.75 #EMWS $ES_F

we dont buy in plunges 91.25 target achieved, more is good fortune $ES_F manage trailers

11:14 E 88.5 is d t2 11:24 E any low is available today 11:13 Frank got it target pivot S2 at 89.25, so will flat lil above $ES_F

12:12 E ib low 7.5 retesters at 06/07 12:47 E stop run possible on longs target 83 #EMWS $ES_F 13:10: E next logical player is Mr 85

Pro Tip: symmetry was identified at 86.25 anyone see it? $ES_F

14:01 Emini Wizard 40 back id = 2.25 $ES_F yeehaas at 89.25 angel, trail only

13:12 Emini Wizard cover by Mr 85 14:38 Emini Wizard 83 target $ES_F

@ManOverMarket you have been right on it, Kudos and great call. Spitting distance. Gone by Monday if not today $ES_F 78 next target here

[15:16:00] Emini Wizard 72 paid $ES_F risk reward now

no longs have been recommended today $ES_F hit bounces til doesnt work

15:55 Emini Wizard low goes 15:57 Emini Wizard 60 point day at 69 $ES_F

@sewerpimp roflmao agreed $ES_F

zeek said FOMC we will test 1970. kudos to smart traders who saw it $ES_F Plan hit bounces stay with trend. cash in put options

@MissTrade thanks Matt. Keep ’em in play big guy

@sewerpimp humble here and appreciate that pimper 🙂 #EMWS

major pivot 2031.25 broke and became resistance ow.ly/RdbCp body bags available for those who dont use stops $ES_F #EMWS

@sewerpimp @MissTrade @BamaTrader @casper409 @RenaTrader @TraderSmarts @contingencyisu @Jediphone thanks all 🙂 best to u $ES_F

@shahzaddalal @rafe_mo @pointsnfigures @georgevhulme @FOREX_VALUER @pipsnticks @ManOverMarket ditto thanks all #EMWS $ES_F

#FF @BamaTrader @casper409 @RenaTrader @MissTrade @ManOverMarket @TraderSmarts @MockTrade @spz_trader @verniman @GIR_MARKETS

#FF TradeNperform @traderoffFortune @BEFREEinFL @Marketrend @eminiplayer @Jediphone @TheFibDoctor @SJosephBurns learn from these pros

globex ow.ly/RdeJZ RTH ow.ly/RdeK0 indebted to great guidance by zeek this week. amazing understanding of big picture

Mantra: “inevitably we will get stopped out, leave chips on the table this week. Accept stop outs, try again with trend” #EMWS $ES_F

4 million shares. wow. Zeek said volatile august. PPT running out of $$ unless they are shorting this market $ES_F