#EMWS 9:49 E: 2468.13 is primary magnet $ES_F The Professional Edge

#EMWS If we don’t know where the edge is we don’t have one $ES_F

#EMWS advised anyone short to be PFS by 65/62 on trailers $ES_F 60.5 stop for profit taking buy, retest 68

$ES_F structure 5 min chart #EMWS

we had 68 violation to test 65/62; then 60.5 stop to test 68/72; low likely in, 66 angel support for 75 retest #EMWS deep pb buy was an edge

71 /72 bust opened trap door, then late shorts trapped on bounce. Still BOM bias long but seems weak. Dow rah rah and king of Hill trade

thank you very much; lucky/educated guess

Thank You

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